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RAIVE Standards for Approval of Programs

Program approval  is for a period of three (3) years from the date of approval. Programs may be repeated within this 3 year approval period at different locations or on other dates, provided that there is no change in speaker or presentation method, and that notice is sent in advance by mail or email to RAIVE.

A completed Program Application must include the following:

* RAIVE Program Application form
* Application fee
* Objective Statement
* Program Agenda
* Speaker/Presenter Information
* Participant Evaluation form
* Certificate of Attendance form
* Advertising or promotional materials where appropriate
* Co-Sponsorship Agreement form  where appropriate
* Post Test  where appropriate

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

RAIVE Program Application form and fees

Providers may apply online or download and mail the information to RAIVE, in triplicate.

All required forms are listed online, with links to each form, and can be found here:

Detailed information about fees and credit hours can be found on the application form which can be downloaded here:

http://raive.org/images/stories/Forms/raive program application.doc

RAIVE will review programs within 45 days of receipt of complete application with fees.

Programs may be submittted for re-approval at the end of 3 years from the date of approval, using the application for re-approval (here). If critical elements of the program have changed, such as the methods of delivery , learning objectives, or agenda, the program must be submitted as NEW, using the RAIVE Program Application.

We recommend that you submit your Program Application at least 45 days in advance of your first course offering.  RAIVE will retroactively evaluate programs for an additional fee.  Please contact RAIVE for more information.

Objective Statement

Each Program Application must include a detailed statement of the objectives, or purpose, of the program.  The statement should also describe specific skills or concepts that participants are expected to obtain on completion.

In order to be considered for RAIVE approval, a Program must present activities that promote manners of practicing veterinary medicine that are within the definition of RAIVE-approved CE. That definition can be found online at

Programs will not be  approved if they present activities that promote any treatments that are known to have risks or dangers that outweigh the benefits.

Program Agenda

A program application must include a detailed course outline or syllabus, including length of time for each lecture or section, a very brief description or abstract of topics, and the speaker that will be presenting each topic.

Didactic or non-interactive programs should indicate the amount of time a participant will spend on each section of the course. Actual course materials may be requested for further clarification.

Speaker/Presenter Information

A speaker biography or CV is required for each speaker.  It should include credential information (i.e. board certification, advanced degrees, practice experience and employment affiliation).  A template for a Speaker Biography (which is preferred to a full CV) can be found here:

http://raive.org/images/stories/Forms/raive presenter biographical information.doc

Participant Evaluation Form

Each program provider will supply attendees with evaluation forms.  Evaluation questions should reflect the content of the program (from the objective statement) and allow participants to evaluate program quality and whether objectives were met. The  following statement must be included on the evaluation form: "This program was approved by the RAIVE program for continuing education. Please contact RAIVE at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or (480) 291- 4470  should you have concerns or comments about this program's validity or relevance to the veterinary profession."

Certificate of Attendance
A Certificate of Attendance must be provided to each attendee. A certificate contain blanks for the participant's name, state and license numbers (to be entered by the attendee). The certificate must clearly indicate whether RAIVE approval has been obtained or not, if approval is still pending. The certificate will be signed by the program provider or course instructor, and should include:
●    Course or program title
●    Course or program dates
●    Subject (course or  program title or topic)
●    Method of delivery
●    Number of CE hours earned by participate
●    Provider name and address
●    RAIVE provider number

Advertisement or Promotional materials

Advertising materials (or a draft) should be submitted with the application to ensure that promotion reflects the content of the program. 


For non-interactive programs, such as online courses or self-study, a post test should be administered at the end of  the course. 

Appeal of RAIVE Decision

RAIVE shall endeavor to make the reason for denials of provider status or program approval, or early termination of same, as clear as possible, including recommendations for correcting perceived problems. If the provider wishes to appeal the decision, the chief executive officer of said organization must inform RAIVE of such intent in writing by certified mail, return receipt requested, within 30 days of  the date of the RAIVE disapproval notice. Please contact the RAIVE office for the complete RAIVE Appeals Procedures document.