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Definition of RAIVE Approved Continuing Education

RAIVE approved CE includes all forms veterinary medicine defined in the veterinary practice acts of the individual state boards.  It is RAIVE’s mission to make sure that CE is offered at the highest scientific and clinical standards currently available.  RAIVE approved CE will reflect the

educational needs of veterinarians and veterinary technicians by expanding upon the evidence-based material presented in accredited colleges or schools of veterinary medicine or accredited veterinary technician training.



RAIVE recognizes that evidence based medicine does not define the practice of veterinary medicine, but  is a process of clinical decision-making, and veterinarians can also benefit from education in emerging subjects with little scientific support.  In these cases, RAIVE approved CE must incorporate  experts with advanced training or deep clinical experience in these subjects.

RAIVE recognizes that not all CAVM modalities meet the currently accepted standards of evidence. However, RAIVE also recognizes that in order for the evidence to be produced, CE in these modalities must be encouraged in order to develop and strengthen skills in practitioners of these modalities. Programs designated for veterinarians must be taught by a veterinarian or others with equivalent post-graduate degrees.

RAIVE will not approve programs that promote treatments that pose significant risks, treatments where risk outweighs potential benefits or treatments that are proven ineffective.