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RAIVE Standards for Approval of Programs

Program approval  is for a period of three (3) years from the date of approval. Programs may be repeated within this 3 year approval period at different locations or on other dates, provided that there is no change in speaker or presentation method, and that notice is sent

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Definition of RAIVE Approved Continuing Education

RAIVE approved CE includes all forms veterinary medicine defined in the veterinary practice acts of the individual state boards.  It is RAIVE’s mission to make sure that CE is offered at the highest scientific and clinical standards currently available.  RAIVE approved CE will reflect the

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RAIVE-Approved Providers shall:

1.    Ensure that all CE conducted by the Provider meets the requirements in the RAIVE Standards. The Provider is responsible for assuring compliance.

2.    Be affiliated with a veterinarian.

3.    Submit all programs for any branch or subsidiary through the identified Program Administrator. If separate authority is desired by