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Resources for Alternative and Integrative Veterinary Education (RAIVE) consists of a group of veterinarians who have AVMA-recognized board certification, one or more advanced degrees (e.g., OMD and PhD degrees) in addition to their veterinary degree, a faculty position in a veterinary school, VIN consultantcy, publication of a standard textswithin the field, and/or a private (often AAHA accredited) practice, who all have expertise in one or more areas of Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine (CAVM). Thus, these individuals have the training to evaluate course material and scientific validity for CAVM courses.  They are recognized as experts by the CAVM community.

RAIVE was organized to judge the appropriateness of CAVM lectures for continuing education credits (CEUs). This was done because the RACE committee of the AAVSB, in December of 2008, appointed a single member to be the sole arbiter of what is and is not acceptable for CEUs in CAVM. As veterinarians trained in conventional medicine, we recognize that it is impossible for any one veterinarian to be an expert in all areas of veterinary medicine.  This is also true for veterinarians trained in CAVM modalities; the field is so vast it is not possible for a single veterinarian to be trained in all modalities.

We are pleased to note that currently, as of 2018, RACE has incorporated other opinions and positions as part of their approval process. RACE recognizes the validity of CAVM and currently has awarded approval of CAVM courses that are based on science, as well as courses which are based on traditional concepts. Their approval, once again, extends to CAVM subjects as well as conventional subjects.

Currently, we encourage all providers to seek RACE approval first. We are not reviewing CE applications except in the case of difficulties with this process when applying to RACE.